My name is Ruard Janssen.
I am sitting in the middle and in front the two friends,
I fish with the most.
On the right, Frits and on the left Martin.
This photograph was taken when the three of us
went to Kallenbach in Germany.

I was born in 1949 and have been fishing since my youth. I can still remember an early fishing trip with my brother one splendid evening on the way home from school.
I should have been studying for a history test the next day and had borrowed a text book from the school to help my revision. Of course at the time I thought it perfectly fine to combine my history revision with our fishing trip, a view that was unsurprisingly not shared by my history tutor, who was also the head master of the school. He remarked angrily “how did you get into your head to go fishing with that expensive school book!!”
It was at school my passion for fishing began and the rest, they say, is history!!
I started fly-fishing in 1978, also with my brother. We had two casting lessons from Henk Peeters and from there went on to the Casting Club of Amsterdam. Most of my casting has been self-taught and I have also taught club members particularly ‘double houl’.
Since 1982 I have been a member of the Poldervlieg and was one of the founders of this fly fishing association.The club was founded by Chris Sijm owner of a fishing shop in Alkmaar. I have been on the governing board of the club several times and am currently head editor of the club newsletter ‘The Poldernymph’ or ‘Nymph’ for short. I have written regular articles for both the ‘Nymph’ and the clubs website Poldervlieg
This site will cover a number of topics that interest me and in the main that is fishing. A section I will continue to develop is on ‘spiders’ as well as winter fly fishing on Rudd. I shall also report about our fishing holiday's.

Ruard Janssen