Spiders Pike on spider  David Westwood





Pike on a spider.


I had been already two days inside my house, because it was all along raining. I find rain normally already nothing but that becomes the last time only more terrible. I decided to go fishing nevertheless. The Schermer, a polder near my house, was the place to go. Martin, my fishfriend, was still for doing odd jobs. Perhaps he would come later. Or perhaps he came only look at and letting the dog out. When I came to the water, rain was not yet real over. It blew also harder than I had thought in my chair at home. A soaking wind blew.


I caught my three-part splitcane from the car. The rod throws an aftma five line very nice. And although this line starts now already to have cracks, it must be possible to use it for a couple of months. Then I shall turn him and concerning the quarter of year I need a new line. I hear sometimes fly fishermen say that they do fish ten years with a line, but by then they fish only with the core. Fortunately the Mill ends (but still very well lines to use) costs but seven-one-half euro (4 pounds) differently became this a quite expensive hobby. I knotted a new point to the leader. I make a water knot and put the second fly on the dropper. I fish always with two flies if it is allowed. I think that my cast have a better balance. At the point came a fluor Partridge and Orange and on the dropper a PT and Golden Plover. Both flies are spiders. The fishing was not to well. Some little Rudd’s and Roach take the fly on the dropper. The only nice thing was a bleak of 15 cm taking the spiders like a dry fly. It was going to rain still harder so I went to the car to eat my bread. Deliciously dry and with a CD of Mozart on also in fact very cosy. Outside the splitcane stood in the rain but Rod builder Joost have largely put him in the lack. To relocate. On this place the wind came more of my back. My fish mate Martin came also. Without dog, he has a black shepherd, thus he will fish also still. Exactly when he stood behind me, I got a nice pull and immediately swam there a fish rather hard away from me... The splitcane stood rapidly in a beautiful bow and I could see that a little pike had caught a nymph. I thought still that it would be the point fly, because I had replaced the Orange and Partridge by a small Lite Brite. Already rapidly I nevertheless saw that it was on the dropper. After a short but nice fight I could let slide the little pike in my net. The small hook was neatly in its lip and after a couple of photographs he could swim again.







We fished both further. Martin fished with a splitcane also. He caught a couple of nice Roach. I caught only a couple of small Rudd. It became dark. Time to go home.