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“It started so beautiful. The idea slumbered several years to go to Yorkshire to fish in the country of the North-Country spiders in the famous rivers. Ruard was the first, naturally he is a devotee of the spider, but later on also with the others. It is also a fascinating way of fly-tying with quite other starting-points about the patterns. There are also but a few classical writers, that have written about spiders and fished with them, the specific county where the fishing with spiders has come to existence, the abundant grayling, l hardly could wait to be there…..In 2009 it will happen.” (Frits van Merkenstein for the Poldernimf about our yourney to Yorkshire)




We have been there and it was a beautiful holiday. The fishing was not too good. Only Hans caught two Grayling. The surrounding and the country was what we expected. The house in Burnsall was comfortable and the weather was very beautiful. It was also holiday when we were in Yorkshire, so it was busy in the rivers with children in rubber boats and swimming in the most fishlike pools. We have also fished for one day in the Wharf at Bolton Abbey. That was the only day that we could fish in the evening and than the fishing was better. But no Grayling. Most of my fish came to a spider (Black Stewart spider or to a Holospider). We fished a lot of water but extensive:


We fished the Wharf at Hawes. A beautiful stretch of the Wharf but very difficult fishing. I hooked one trout on a yellow devil but lost him. It was a very hot day.

Next day was for the Nidd at Pateley Bridge. Day tickets at the camping. Nice little river difficult because of the trees overgrowing the stream. I caught 10 trout that day all with spiders: holospider, Black Stewart spider and Olive spider. I used my 7 feet splitcane with #5.


We fished the Ribble up- and downstream from Settle. Two times I saw a kingfisher. I caught 3 trout, one with a iron blue dun spider and two with a dry fly. I tried more than one hour to catch a Grayling that are hatching under the trees. They make a ring when they picked up something from the surface. I tried everything in my box but nothing worked for me.

The last day we fished the Scar House Reservoir. I liked the surrounding very much. When we came to the water many trout were rising. I caught 4 trout, two of them came to the holospider and two others on a dry fly. I fished with the dry fly on the dropper and the holospider on the point. Beautiful wild fish.

The Yorkshire Dales are a beautiful landscape. We liked our stay there for a week very much. We saw many Grayling rising to something on the surface but I could not catch one. We caught not to many fish, probably because the low water and the sunny weather and sometimes we think because we are bad fisherman.