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In May 2009 we paid a visit to Joost Stolk. He had a blank for a splitcane #3 for me. It was beautiful made with the star of burned bamboo on the butt. In this summer I finished the rod with a reel seat of nickel silver with an insert of dragon wood. The guides are single foot rings but little ones. My brother-in-law turned a cone from a piece of teak for the end of the cork handle. I turned the handle of glued cork-rings and leave it a little bit thick, to prevent a fly fishing arm. Most of my rods has windings of gray silk but for this one I choose red. Just above the handle I glued a decal with my name and with the name of Joost Stolk, because he has planed the blank.


Frits, my fishing pal, and I should make a fishing trip to Germany to the Nagold in the second half of September. We have to ride 650 km but the rooms that we have hired were good and the beers also.

Saturday was a bright sunny day and that is not the weather I love the most for river fishing. Before we could go fishing we have to pass the bailiff of the water but our licenses were all right. We have to be careful about some kingfishers and just on that moment we saw one flying over the river. It was not allowed to fish this river with a #3, so I fished most of the time with my #4, also build by Joost Stolk.


The fly that I used most of the time was a wingless wet, with some lead under the body. I call it a Opossum Caddis. I fished mostly across and downstream. I learned a lot about this way of fishing from the book Wet Flies of Dave Hughes. A wonderful good book about tying and fishing wingless wets and spiders. The last hour of the day there were some fish that came to the surface. We have fished with dry flies and caught some trout on them.


On Sunday we fished the beats upstream of Bad Liebenzell, that was the little town were we stayed. We could fish for about 1 km and it was more like a canal. The last hour I fished with my new #3.

It was a nice trip and hope I could use my new #3 many times.