Marvelous day Easter 2008 Casting

A marvelous day.

Today was a marvelous day. Till now the winter was not very cold. But today it was the first cold day. A little bit too much wind from the north. But the sun was shining all afternoon.
I had an appointment with Martin on the start of the “Singel”. That is in the vicinity of the city town hall. As I arrived Martin was there already. He just had a fish on. It was a little white bream. The water was a little too muddy. When it is clear you can catch a lot more fish. But only in the winter. In March or April the fish swims away again to the canal. The fish can go in and out to the canal as they wish. I asked Martin if he had caught a lot already. The only answer was a little chortle and: “The water is pretty muddy, as you can see.”
On his leader were two ML-nymphs. As usual not too big. Hook number 14 or so.
Before I had my rod out the rod tube (I was on my bicycle) he had another fish. Now it was a Roach of about 20 cm. I was going to fish with my splitcane rod, seven foot 3 pieces for a #5. It is build by Joost Stolk. It is a very fine rod for the Singel, because you don’t have to throw too far and there is no need of heaving the fish.
I put my rod together, on it came a Ron Thompson reel with a five line (a Mill End from Mullarkey, I buy these cheap lines because within one year there are many cracks in it). My leader consist of one meter braided nylon, halve a meter straight and halve a meter tapered to six or seven strands. On this meter I knot one and a halve meter nylon 12/100. I always fish with one dropper about 40 cm from the point fly. The point fly was the LB 14+ and the dropper was the ML-nymph on hook 14. After one hour I changed the point fly for a ML-nymph on hook 12.
We fished about halve an hour on this place. We caught a few Roach and some Rudd but nothing special. We went to another place about 300 meter from the first. In the winter the Roach swim in very big schools together. If you cannot get them in one place 300 meter further it can be very good.
I caught with the ML-nymph much better and bigger fish than with other nymphs. Perhaps they swim a little bit deeper or some other odd reason. We caught about 30 Roach and Rudd. My biggest one was 31 cm. The next day Martin has fished the same Singel and caught a Roach of 33 cm.
The environment is not so nice to fish, because you fish in the middle of the town. The fishing is good because in the winter there are many fish and they are pretty big.

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