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Easter 2008.


Sometimes there is a day everything seems to go wrong. It was second Easter day and my fish friend has to go somewhere to walk or something like that. The whole weekend has been cold and snowy. This was the only day I could go fishing. But we also have to go to my son. We did not see him for quite a long time. I tried for a coffee visit at 10.30. But that was too early for him so we decided to come at 11.30. We had quality time but it was about 14.00 that I could leave home for fishing.


The sun was shining. It was cold but on my bike I went off to the centre of the town where I live. My bike is pretty new so it was nice to go in this way. I would be mobile when I was fishing and there will be no problem with a parking place and parking fee.


The first place was the “single”. It is a nice water in the winter and then pretty clear. Now it was brown. I had taken from home my 7 foot #4 glass fibre rod. With it a #4 line and I did make an extra long leader. 1 and ˝ meter braided nylon. On one end I did make a loop to attach the leader on my line. Half-way I pulled out the first thread and then 10 cm farther (to the end of the leader) I pulled out the second one.  I continued till there were 8 threads out. That is the way I did make a tapering in the breaded nylon. In the other half I threaded a double nylon line of 18/100 to make this part a little bit heavier. On the end came another loop. On this loop I attached the nylon point of 1.50 meter. On the point came the double beaded Red butted Hare’s Ear and on the dropper yellow fly with one bead.


The fishing in the dirty water was nothing and the sun disappeared and snow came out of the sky. It was cold also. Off I go to another place. Nothing to catch on the second place and the third one and the fourth one the same. On the fifth one I got the first fish on the dropper. The point fly get tangled in something heavy a bike or something like that. I lost the fish and both my flies. I did make a new point and two new flies on my leader. Two casts later the leader goes slowly under water: fish. It is not so big, about 20 cm and it is a Roach. It is about 16.00 and now the sun is shining again.


From the same place I missed one fish and catch 6 other Roach. One was about 27 cm. All the fish were healthy and fight with “dash and spirit” (Bruce Sandison). They all take the double beaded Red butted Hare’s Ear. All the way back home the snow was falling out of the sky. I came home completely wet but with a clear head.